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Do I have to install a tracking device in my vehicle?
Do I have to install a tracking device in my vehicle?
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You’re asking all the right questions, we see.

The story of whether or not your car needs a tracking device is a bit of a long one, but simple enough, so please bear with us.

Our system has a way of classifying vehicles as either low or high risk – that is, at risk of theft and hijacking, because, believe it or not, criminals do have a preference.

Low and high-risk can also refer to the vehicle’s price tag: the more expensive the car, the higher the risk associated with insuring it.

So, suppose our system classifies your vehicle as high-risk. In that case, it’s then necessary to have a tracking device installed to be eligible for comprehensive coverage in the event of theft or hijacking.

The tracking device must have Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) capabilities!

We consider it a requirement to ensure the highest level of security and protection for your vehicle.

If your vehicle falls under the low-risk category, installing a tracking device is not mandatory. It becomes an optional feature you can include for additional peace of mind and security.

And while our system may not require a tracker for a low-risk vehicle, we still greatly

recommend installing one as an added protection against theft.

Should you need information on whether our system classifies your vehicle as high-risk, we kindly request that you contact our dedicated customer service team.

They possess the expertise and knowledge to accurately determine the correct risk level of your vehicle based on our comprehensive records.

If you’ve gotten this far, you did bear with us, and we appreciate that!

We hope the above answers your question.

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