Every new Pineapple motor insurance member will get free access to our Drive Less, Get Blessed benefit. This benefit is applied per vehicle and is at no extra cost or risk to you.

Drive Less, Get Blessed rewards members with a hefty automatic discount each and every month that they drive below 300km.

There is no risk in using this benefit and you are not forced to compromise on your cover or pause your cover to get your discount!

Common Questions / FAQs

How does it work?

We offer Pineapple members a free Drive Less Benefit that gives you a refund automatically each time you drive under 300km in a full calendar month. 📆

📞Once you’ve chosen to activate your free mileage booster, you will be contacted via a phone call by our service provider Tracker who will arrange installation at your convenience of the Pine-telematics tracking device.

This allows you to track your driving mileage on the App and earn your Drive Less Discount💸

How much can I save?

The discount is approximately 30% of your monthly premium on your vehicle, but is unique per policy. You can see the exact amount on the quote screen when taking out your policy.

How do I activate the benefit?

To activate your benefit all you need to do is:

  • Make sure you’ve ticked the Low Mileage Booster when creating your policy

  • Arrange a time to have your Pine-Telematics device installed by Tracker

  • Enjoy an automatic refund every time you drive under 300km in a month

Who pays for the Telematics tracking device and installs it?

The Pine-telematics device is sponsored by Pineapple, and installed in your vehicle by our partner Tracker. The costs and rental of this device is covered by Pineapple as long as your vehicle is insured with Pineapple.

Please note, this device is NOT a SVR (Stolen Vehicle Recovery) device, which may be required for certain vehicles and can be purchased separately from various providers.

What happens if I drive more than 300km?

With Pineapple Drive Less Benefit you do not have to risk pausing your cover to get rewarded for driving less. 💪 You are always comprehensively covered whether you drive over 300km or under 300km, the only difference is that you get an awesome refund when you do drive below the 300km goal!

From when do I start getting the benefit?

You will be entitled to earn your benefit from your first FULL calendar month 📆 of driving after having your Pine-Telematics device installed by Tracker.

How long does the discount take to get refunded into my account?

We try to process the refunds as quickly as possible but please allow up to 5 business days from the 1st of the month for any applicable refunds of the last month to be processed. 🎁

How do I activate this benefit on already insured vehicles?

Please chat to our support line and we'll help you get sorted 👌

How do I see my driving/mileage history?

You can checkout your driving data and history on the Pineapple App 📱

Simply open the App and scroll to the vehicle you wish to see the driving history for, open the vehicle and navigate to the driving history.

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