Please note that we are in the process of refining this process based on user feedback 

First thing to note is that Pineapple uses a rolling/ live Policy.

You can add an item and finish the buying process then add more and more and it will dynamically adjust.

(All actions are live other than canceling an item which will only make the cancellation effective at the end of the current month)

Alternatively if you would like to see a final total premium before you proceed to any binding agreement use the following method:

Proceed past this screen (only when entering the quoting process from the camera flow or the little yellow plus - not available on items like the phone that is already added to your stuff)


Press add to quote. Then on the next screen (see below) if you click top right (The yellow plus), you can add multiple items and toggle them on and off before you proceed: (You will also notice the balance for the current session at the bottom left)



Unfortunately we do not have the ability to add the existing items here, but you can add them at a later stage as is a "rolling" or live policy and you can add things as you go.

On the next screen you will see the impact of the new session on your existing policy.

(For instance if you always had one item insured and you added 3 new ones,  the next screen will show you a summary of all 4 before you have to accept)

We hope this makes sense and as stated we are working on an easier way for you to play around with quotes!

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