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Something went wrong?

Something went wrong on the app while adding, removing or amending my insurance. You are experiencing bugs, errors or crashes on the app.

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If you are having any trouble with the app. Please let us know.

Our app is still in its infancy and we have tested it comprehensively. We are, however, expecting a few teething problems.

If you are having trouble, please let us know via help and support which is accessible through both the home screen and your profile. 

In this message please give us as much information as possible, this includes:

  • The steps you followed preceding the problem ( a chronological journey helps us to understand and replicate the error so we can fix it )

  • Screenshots of the problem with descriptions of what is wrong ( i.e. these items are showing "not insured" but they should be "insured" )

  • How you would like the problem to be resolved. ( i.e The laptop and the phone should be insured )

We will get these comments to our technical team as soon as possible and resolve them.

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