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Can I insure someone else's stuff?
Can I insure someone else's stuff?

Can I insure the stuff of my friend, kid or significant other?

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Our policy protects "you" and "you" are defined as:

"yourself, your spouse and any members of your immediate family who normally resides with you AND are financially dependent on you."

Soz but your friend should rather create their own Pineapple account

You can however insure the stuff of your kids, your spouse or members of your immediate family if they are still financially dependent AND if they still live under your roof

If you have kids who do not live with you or who are supporting themselves. They should create their own Pineapple account.

  1. It will give them complete control and is a very simple process.

  2. If you would like to help them out, you can always lend the trusty credit card number, seeing as they are still using it for their Uber rides in any case.

  3. You can still connect with them in our connections function if you would like to give them the advantages of being in a low-risk community.


If someone is not part of your immediate family, does not live with you or they are not financially dependent. They represent a completely different risk profile and we will need to take this into account in giving them a price that is both fair to them and the community.

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