You have submitted a claim or something has gone wrong on the app.. How do you get a hold of us?

Using our help and support function is easy and will get you to the solution you want faster than traditional callcentresĀ 

Why not just do a call?

  1. You can carry on with your life and we will get back to you when we have the solution.

  2. If you question is clearly phrased, our artificial intelligence will ensure that the question gets to the correct person faster.

  3. We work better in teams. (Our help and support function allows multiple experts to collaborate to solve the problem) Collaboration in call centres is nearly impossible and results in you being passed around like a hot potato rather than being treated like a cool Pineapple.

  4. Artificial intelligence will suggest potential answers that might mean a human need never look at the question.

  5. We allow you to rate the help you have been given which means everyone is held accountable.

You can access our "help and support" function from you profile or home screen of the app.. Or from our website at the bottom right hand corner!

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