All claims will be settled as soon as humanly (and robotically) possible. 

If you are however still curious as to what the progress is. Please navigate to your profile, (or click the support button top left of your home screen) click on help and support and ask away. Our friendly claims team will be in contact as soon as possible.

You will also be able to track claims on the claims tab of the app.  Second button from the right (highlighted in black)

Here you can see existing claims and what the status of these claims are. 

Once you have submitted your claim. One of our friendly Pineapplers will also be in contact with you via our "help and support" function via the application. This can be found top left on the home screen or on your profile. 

If your phone has been stolen and you are communicating outside the app.. Please communicate via our webpage. Using our help and support function that can be found on the bottom right corner.

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