1. Log onto the Pineapple app 

If your phone has been stolen you can submit a claim through the webpage.

2. Navigate to the claims flow.

Navigate to the page in the picture above by clicking on the icon 2nd from the right

3. Confirm that you will be honest in all your question.

Claiming will impact all other community members. Hence we expect our members to be honest in all the information they submit. 

Submitting dishonest information can impact on the validity of a claim and can lead to criminal proceedings.

4. Select the date on which the incident occurred

The date you have to select is the date on which you damaged an item or the date on which it was stolen. If you are unsure what the exact date is. Please select your best guess.

5. Select items that were affected.

Only items that were covered on the date that the incident that occurred will be available to be selected. Please select all items that were affected by the event.

6. Select if the incident was a theft or a damage event.

If it was a combination of both, please select the main driver.. This will usually be theft if there is a combination of both.

 7. Submit a voice-note explaining what happened.

The more detail you give in this voice note the easier it will be for us to pay your claim as quickly as possible.

We are looking for details surrounding the event. What happened, who else was involved etc.

8. Use our google Maps integration to show us where the event occurred.

Search for the address where the theft or damage occurred.

9. Upload as much supporting documentation as possible or take pictures of evidence

This include picture of forced entry or pictures of damage.
Invoices or valuation certificates of items if you still have them always help to expedite a claim

10. If you have a case number, please provide us with it.

In some cases it might not be obligatory to provide us with a case number as we will try and make the process as easy as possible. 

If you skip this step, we will contact you to confirm if we do need a case number. 

For example stolen cellphones, by law, always require a case number.

Finally review a summary of your information and hit submit

We will keep in touch via the mobile application and through email!

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