What is SASRIA?

Why do I get charged SASRIA? What is SASRIA? How much is SASRIA?

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SASRIA is a state owned entity that is the only short-term insurer that provides special cover to all individuals and businesses that own assets in South Africa. This cover is there to specifically protect your insured items against damage caused by civil commotion, war, public disorder, strikes, riots and terrorism

South Africa is one of the few countries in the world where anyone is able to buy affordable insurance to protect their assets against these kinds of special, and potentially catastrophic events that would otherwise be uninsurable. 

When you protect your stuff on Pineapple you can choose to get a SASRIA policy included to protect your insured items against the events listed above. [Pretty cool, right?]

How much does SASRIA cost me?
The monthly cost of a SASRIA policy is 0.00036% of the value of your items with a minimum cost of R3.
i.e R3 is what you pay until your total insured items exceeds R833 333

How do I claim on my SASRIA policy?
If you suffer the misfortune of having your insured property damaged by one of the events covered by SASRIA, do not dispair. You can submit the claim to Pineapple as usual and we'll deal with SASRIA on our end, saving you the hassle :)

What is NOT covered by SASRIA:

  • looting and theft, UNLESS caused by any of the covered events mentioned above

  • property being dispossessed or confiscated by any lawfully established authority

  • the stopping or deliberate slowing down of work

  • any act of terrorism involving the threat of or actual use of any nuclear weapon or device and/or the threat of or actual use or release of any chemical or biological agent

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