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What am I covered for?

Sudden and unforeseen events and what do the emoticons on my assets mean?

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The safest way to guarantee that you are on the right track is to read and understand the policy document.

[This is also what is legally binding between you, The Pineapple Community, The insurer and Pineapple

When viewing your asset you will be able to see the perils (things that can go wrong) that you are covered for. 

These perils are represented by the following icons:


Theft of items that are not left unattended; unless concealed and locked away in your car or on your premises. There must be clear signs of forced entry for items stolen whilst locked away in your car or premises.


Damage caused by Fire or explosion


Damage caused by storm, wind, water, hail; earthquake, lightning

Leaks, flooding

Damage caused by Overflowing of water apparatus; leakage of oil


Impact with an object resulting in damage including screen damage. 

Power surge 

Damage that is caused by an electricity power surge on the distribution line of any public authority. 

Accidental loss or damage worldwide

 You are covered for loss or accidental damage to your insured items anywhere in the world, as specified on the Dashboard. 

Notable exclusions

 Every category of assets has notable exclusion. For instance, sporting equipment is not covered for damage during use. All items are excluded from wear and tear. And any software-related problems/ hacks are excluded.

If you would like to view these exclusions click on the asset in the asset view


The general guideline in insurance is the event must not be GRADUAL (slow onset and long time to happen) and reasonably FORESEEABLE and PREVENTABLE.

Examples of such exclusions include but are not limited to:

  • Depreciation, or gradual causes such as wear and tear, deterioration, rust, rising dampness and mildew, corrosion or decay

  • Damage caused by moths, vermin or insects

  • Flaws or defects, whether present when the item was new or discovered afterwards

  • Fluctuations in atmospheric or climatic conditions, or the effects of light 

  • Any process of cleaning, dyeing or renovating

  • The bursting, rusting, corrosion or deterioration of any firearm

  • Defective design, specification, construction or material

  • Lack of maintenance or upgrading

  • Any type of virus or malware (harmful software such as viruses or Trojans)

  • Chipping, scratching, denting or breakage of porcelain or similar articles of a fragile nature

  • Loss or damage while items are mailed or couriered unless specifically agreed by us in writing

  • Accidental damage to sporting equipment, hobby equipment, or musical instruments while being used (Exceptions do apply under certain conditions for the likes of Bicycles, drones and air-sports equipment)

  • Any damage which is covered under a guarantee or warranty

  • Electrical, electronic or mechanical breakdown, unless accompanied or caused by other insured damage

  • A cleaning, repairing or restoration process

  • Cracking or scratching (unless caused by theft, attempted theft, fire or explosion) of glassware, glass or other brittle articles other than jewellery, cameras, fixed glass, TV sets or digital screens.

  • The cost of reproduction or repair of data or software

  • Loss or damage caused by domestic animals

  • Loss or damage caused by wild animals or reptiles

  • Theft of the bicycle / pedal-cycle from an unattended vehicle unless the vehicle is locked, or the bicycle / pedal-cycle is locked to the vehicle, and there are clear signs of forced entry or removal

As you will realise you will be able to come to the same conclusion on what is excluded if you apply the general exclusions rule.

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