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What can I insure?

Your stuff: no engines (other than drones and remote control toys), no heartbeats and no buildings.

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The Pineapple system allows you to insure all the physical items you own. [no engines (other than drones and Remote control toys), no heartbeats and no buildings.]

There are also limits to the values that we allow, but you do not have to worry about these and the app will guide you

Examples of what we insure:

  • Portable electronics

  • Home electronics

  • Sports, hobby, musical equipment

  • Clothing, Jewellery and watches

  • Furniture and appliances

  • Your car

Notable items that we do not allow are:

  • Your life, 

  • Your health, 

  • Your pet, 

  • Your house (the building)  

  • Other items with engines, heartbeats, engines and foundations.

  • Future income or business income


And if you are still unsure the artificial intelligence and drop-down list in the insurance flow will serve as guidelines

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