On Pineapple you can pay your premiums in two ways:

  • Debit order

  • Credit card

Upon insuring items for the first time you are prompted to pick a payment method and enter the required details. Sensitive information like credit card details are encrypted and passed directly to our highly established payment providers without ever being stored onto our system.

Your monthly premium is collected once per month from your chosen payment method. Any items added on during the month are charged at a pro-rata rate at the next collection date. Hence, your profile may only contain ONE chosen payment method at a time.

The last step of insuring any further item is to confirm that you are happy with the payment method being used. You will also be able to change the payment method in this step should you wish to do so.

Changing my payment method:

To change your payment method at any time simply navigate to the "My Profile" section:

On the "My Profile"  view select "Payment Details" under Settings.

You will be presented with your current default payment method and below this will be a link to change these details.

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