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Can I snap a picture of multiple items at once?
Can I snap a picture of multiple items at once?

You can do collections of items, but they have to be similar.

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To make your life easier we do allow the snapping of multiple items at once.

These items have to be very similar to do so.

For example: 

If you snap a picture of your PlayStation and the Remote control in one picture as well as the games. They would all be considered gaming equipment and would attract the same price.

Hence it would be acceptable to snap them together.

If however, you snap your Television with your PlayStation they would attract different prices as you are more likely to take your PlayStation with you to a friend's house than your television. Hence it is not allowed.

Or if you snap a picture of the PlayStation and the table that it stands on. The risk types and premiums are completely different and we will only cover the main item in the picture (most prevalent by size and positioning if you have selected the correct category).

A quick guideline to know when you can bundle items... 

  • If they are similar items that have individual values below R3000 such as the clothes in your cupboard

  • If you have 1 main item that has accessories. Such as a PlayStation with the remote and games. Or a golf bag with all the clubs.


The VALUE of the item you add should be the total value of ALL THE ITEMS in the picture.

And if you are in doubt rather snap them separately and let the artificial intelligence work its magic!


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