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How do I insure an item? (once I have downloaded the application)
How do I insure an item? (once I have downloaded the application)

It is as simple as snapping a picture!

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If you would like to insure an item start by clicking the yellow Plus icon in your bottom navigation bar.

Step 1: Snap a clear picture of the item you would like to insure!

Take a picture of the item you would like to insure by pressing the yellow circle and if you are happy with the picture click the blue arrow to proceed.  If you are not happy, press undo to retake the picture.

PS: You might be asking yourself "How do I take a picture of my phone with my phone!?" - Don't worry, your phone has already been added as an asset on Pineapple and to get a quote you just tap on it and enter a value :)

Guidelines for pictures: 

  1. Take a portrait picture rather than a landscape, as the picture will be used as a portrait throughout the rest of the app

  2. Try not to have any other items in the picture that could confuse the artificial intelligence

  3. The item should be in focus and the entire item should be visible on the screen.

  4. Choose an angle of the item where you would recognise it from. (For example, a fridge will be hard to distinguish as a fridge with a picture from the back or top).

Step 2: Confirm if our artificial intelligence has identified the item correctly.

We have gone above and beyond to make the insurance process fun, but it is still a legally binding process. The type of item that you insure impacts the risk and hence the premium. If your premiums are not correct you will disadvantage other Pineapplers as you are adding more risk than you are contributing premium.

Submitting incorrect information might also affect the validity of your claim.

If the AI's category is not correct, please select "No it's not" and select the item from the drop-down list.

Step 3: Name the item and select a value

Name the item whatever you would like, Please note that other Pineapplers will be able to see this name.

When selecting a value of an item it is extremely important that you get this correct! As it impacts the premium amount.

If you estimate the value as being too high we have the right to replace the item at the claims stage rather than a payout. And if you estimate the value as too low we can pay you the amount you chose rather than replacing it. 

You can press proceed EVEN if you do not want to insure the item. The item will then be added to your "My Stuff" for you to track (on the home page). Or to insure later if you would like to do so.

Step 4: Add more items to your basket or switch off insurance on items that you would still like to add to your stuff without insurance.

In the basket, you can add more items by clicking in the top right of the screen.

You can switch insurance on items on or off by toggling the slider and you will be able to see the total premium for the basket below.

Step 5: A little bit of admin.

Fill out the required personal and payment details. The first time is always the hardest and we will not ask these questions again in your next basket!

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