As a company that is always innovating, we have some exciting news to share! Your Rewards and your Pineapple Wallet are, as of today, ONE - what do they say again, better together😍?!

One☝️ currency!

Goodbye Rands and HELLO Pineapple Points! We thought why have two currencies in-app when you can have one🎉?! That said, as of today, we are pleased to announce that all balances will reflect as Pineapple Points.

One 👉BIGGER👈 rewards system!

Wallet payouts, Rewards payouts, your premium balance... it was all too much (and let's be honest, a LITTLE confusing🤷‍♂️)

"Easy", in all senses of the word, is at the heart of everything that we aim to do here at Pineapple. So, we put our heads together to see if there was a way to simplify our components for ultimate ease of use🧠. We are excited to announce that we think we may have found the solution👊!

We realised that your Wallet payout is just an awesome extension of our Pineapple Rewards💕. You already get rewarded for being a good Pineappler right? So we decided to change the game by introducing your *profit share as extra BONUS points that can be unlocked🔓 at the end of your 12-month Pineapple cycle!

"But wait, what does this mean for my cash payout," you ask? Good question, your payout will be delivered in rewards vouchers. Don't panic, we know that there is nothing quite like cold hard cash🤑, so we are working towards offering you a cash withdrawal as part of rewards. What does that mean? It means chachiiiing! ALL rewards will be redeemable in CASH very soon💵💰🍍!

Excited yet?! That's not all that is changing🤯!

MORE transparency👀!

Our promise to you is to always be honest and fair, which is why we are allowing you to do more and SEE🤓 more!

We realised that it is hard to understand the intricacies of insurance🤔 - why some claims are accepted👍, why some are denied👎 and why your premium gets depleted some months😐 and others, not.

That said, we are taking you to a 'NEVER been seen before' place🙌, to our new CLAIMS feed!

To name a few benefits, you will be able to see what is happening with the Pineapple community👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 - the volume of claims, what items have been claimed😯, what claims have been approved and disapproved but most importantly, WHY👏! We believe it is your right to see all of this! After all, it is your money, right✊?

We want you to get your unused premium BACK!

We have built some nifty tools to track how all of these things affect your leftover premium BONUS and help you grow it.

New look, new feel🔥!

As the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day! We are working extra hard to get the new version in your hands. How will you know when we are done you ask? Best believe we will TELL you - full reveal coming soon! Please bear with us during this time, we promise that the new look and feel will be well worth the wait🤞!

Thank you for taking this ride🚗 with us, we appreciate YOU🤗! We are obsessed with improving our app and our user experience, so please, if you have any ideas💭 on how we can improve, please drop us a line in-app💬.

If any of the above is confusing, you know where to find us👉📱😉!

Bye for now👋!

Stay safe. Stay insured. Stay awesome.

The Pineapple Team🍍

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