Pineapple relies on transparency of community members to harvest trust in the system. However there is a balance that needs to be achieved between transparency and privacy.
i.e You may feel comfortable telling your mates about your brand new sneakers but perhaps not what you paid for them or what you paying to insure them.

Things ANYONE can see:
It is important that people can see these factors about you in order to find you as a connection and get an understanding of your risk levels

  • Your name

  • The Area you reside in (at city level)

  • Your profile picture

  • Items in "My Stuff"

  • When you added the item(s)

  • Your description of the item(s)

  • Time that you've been claims free

  • Badges you have achieved

  • Your connections

Things only YOUR CONNECTIONS can see:

  • Your activity feed

  • When you have claimed (not the amounts or details)

  • When you insure an item

Things ONLY YOU can see :
This is sensitive information that is for your eyes only

  • Value of your items

  • Premiums you are paying

  • Personal info such as Address, Email, Contact, ID etc.

  • Payment method

  • Claim amounts and details

  • Your insurance history

NOTE: We are developing Privacy toggles which would allow flexibility on what others see, especially when they are not connected to the other person.

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