We base premiums on past information.. (Sometimes you have to look back to be able to look forward)

Research has found that people who have claimed more in the past are bound to claim more in the future. 

Some people are just unlucky, or shall we call them "in their own worlds" and tend to lose and break their stuff more.

When it comes to pricing, the numbers don't lie.

We will have to adjust your premium based on your claims experience in order to protect the rest of the community.

Since you know that we don't profit from unused premium. At least you know our motives are for the protection of the community and not for our own greed.

And to top it off, you might pay a higher premium, but if you and your community perform well you still could end up getting a lot of it back.

This protection mechanism will also protect your wallet from other Pineapplers who claim a lot!

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