An excess is simply the small amount you pay on a claim before the Pineapple community pays for the rest.

For example:

Let's say your new Bose Headphones get stolen that are worth R3000 and there is an excess of 10% on this item. This excess asks that you fit the bill for the first R300 (10% of R3000) and then the Pineapple community will cover the remaining 90%, meaning you will get paid R2700 from the community.
[If it is a case of replacing the item rather than paying out then the Pineapple community will buy you a new one and you just pay R300 for it.]

What is the intention behind an excess?

An excess is there to prevent over claiming for small damage events. Remember insurance is there to protect you against big losses. If someone is claiming for a relatively small portion of the items value then they are not using insurance for what it was designed for and are costing the Pineapple community funds to administer this low value claim.

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